Royalty-Free Music

Free Royalty Free Music for commercial use, podcasts, audiobooks and videos

Creating content with Royalty Free Music

If you're looking for background music for your new podcast, YouTube video, Instagram IGTV, or maybe just some unique musical sounds for your new soundtrack but are worried about copyright claims or having to pay royalties, we are your perfect solution. Sonic Murals is the solution for creators like you to find the catchiest beats and sounds at affordable prices, instantly.

Royalty Free Music for Videos

Imagine, you find a sound similar to a popular song or soundtrack that you think would be perfect as background music for your video, but then you start to have doubts:

Using royalty-free music is the solution to all such questions and is exponentially cheaper, and an overall better alternative. With Sonic Murals, you would never have to compromise on the quality of your musical production, by using a professionally developed beat.

With our royalty-free music, you can benefit by using our unique monthly subscription model, or just pay for the beat or instrumental that would be perfect for your project!

Royalty free music for commercial use

Are you a content creator and looking for a sound that best suits your next commercial or video?
Sonic Murals provides you royalty free music for commercial use to help you attract large audience and convert them into your loyal fans. Download our beats to create the perfect musical production for your project.

Royalty free background music

We have an extensive range of royalty free background music for use in videos, films and commercials. You can be sure to find the desired background music for your projects, which will give unique energy to your upcoming content. 

Royalty free music for podcasts

It can be a task to keep the audience engaged during entire podcasts.
The right subtle infusion of music can keep the audience attentive. While most podcasts are produced on small budgets, paying producers
for transformative music can be extremely expensive.

However, by licensing royalty free music you do not need to pay a royalty fee every time you use the music in your podcast. Either as part of one of our
monthly subscription packages, or as an individually purchased instrumental, you are good to go with quality content for your podcast.