Sonic Murals is a music production collective based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one of the world’s music Meccas. Comprised of several multi-faceted, talented and inspired music producers of varied ages and musical tastes, Sonic Murals provides original beats that are unique, flavorful and not-your-typical type-beats. Give our beats a listen and you’ll see that they are not only high quality, but vary in sound, style and feel.

Yes, the tag will be removed from your beat download(s).

Once you have purchased a membership or individual song license, you will have immediate access to download your beats (and stems if purchased) via an email link, as well as through your own download page on the Sonic Murals website.

Our monthly membership subscriptions allow our customers to access our complete library of beats based on their unique needs. Whether it’s 2 beats per month, or 7, there are membership plans that will accommodate.

Once a membership plan is purchased, you are able to download a certain number of beats per month, based on your subscription level. You can even purchase the stem add-on option if you need stems to the beats that you have licensed.

No. You do not have purchase a membership subscription to purchase a beat. If you hear a beat that you like, you can purchase an individual license for it.

All beats on the Sonic Murals website are licensed to the purchaser. “Licensing” beats means that you have full rights to use them according to the license terms. These terms include commercial use. However, ownership of beats is retained by Sonic Murals, Inc. and/or the individual producer(s) that created the beats. This is standard practice in the music production industry.

Yes! Sonic Murals does produce custom beats. These are original beats that are created exclusively for an artist, media company, etc. We take our time to produce the beat around an artist or media company’s melody, song idea, podcast or audiobook theme, etc. Click HERE to learn more about our custom beat service.

All of our beats include the individual producer’s name directly under the name of the beat on the beat purchase page. You must properly credit each producer as follows: Produced by (Producer’s Name) for Sonic Murals, Inc. If there is more than one producer, you must include all producer’s names.

For example, if the producer’s name is Mista Dre, the appropriate credit would be: Produced by Mista Dre for Sonic Murals, Inc.

Yes! You can absolutely use Sonic Murals’ beats on your music releases, podcasts, audiobooks, short films, etc., and distribute your project(s) on all major streaming platforms per the license terms.

A non-exclusive beat license gives the purchaser the right to use the beat in commercial projects based on the terms of the license. A beat that is licensed on a non-exclusive basis means the beat can also be licensed to other artists, etc. Multiple artists could simultaneously use the same beat under the non-exclusive license terms.

An exclusive beat license gives the licensee exclusive rights to use a beat in their commercial projects, based on the license terms. An exclusively licensed beat may have been licensed previously as non-exclusive. However, once exclusive rights are granted, no one else will be able to license that beat for the term of the exclusive license.

Anyone who licensed the beat on a non-exclusive basis prior to the exclusive license being purchased will still have the right to use the beat for the term of their non-exclusive license.

Yes! Our beat licenses allow for our beats to be used as podcast theme songs, short film scores or soundtracks, etc. If you produce media projects, you are able to use our beats in your next project(s).

No, you can’t copyright the beats on the Sonic Murals website. All beat copyrights are owned by Sonic Murals, Inc. and/or the individual producer(s) that created the beats. However, you can copyright your own lyrics/words and sound recordings.

No, our beats do not contain copyright-restricted samples. You can feel confident that you won’t have any issues when you release your music that contains our beats; they are all clear for release and distribution.

Stems are the individual components that make up a beat. The kick, snare, hi-hat, bass, 808, etc. are all examples of components of a beat.

When you purchase the stems, you are getting all of those components as separate files. This is ideal when you or your audio engineer want to have complete control over the mixes of your music. If you don’t have the stems, you can’t control the volume levels of the instruments within a beat.

No, you don’t need the stems. Our beats are pre-mixed so that you are able to record your vocals over them, and blend your vocals with the beat during mixdown by you or your audio engineer. However, you have no control of the individual volume levels of the instruments in a beat if you don’t have the stems.

While the majority of our beats have stems that will be downloaded upon the purchase of an exclusive license, or stem add-on, there are a rare few that do not have stems. If you encounter this, please email us at support@sonicmurals.com.

When you register your titles with your PRO, you must give publishing company credit to ‘Ziori Music Publishing’, which is affiliated with both ASCAP and BMI. You must also give an equal percentage writer’s credit to the producer as co-writer on the song(s).

If you cancel your membership plan, you will still retain your licenses for the beats that you have downloaded. The license will extend for its full term.

You will not be able to use any type of digital fingerprinting or Content ID systems to claim songs that use Sonic Murals beats. All of our beats are owned by Sonic Murals, Inc. and/or the individual producer(s) that created the beats. Therefore, while you have full claim to your lyrics/words and sound recording, you are not able to use any digital fingerprint or Content ID services for your songs that use our instrumentals.