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Sonic Murals – A Music Production Collective

Sonic Murals is a Philadelphia-based Music Production Collective, combining elements of hip-hop, soul, neo-soul, rock, and jam styles with a fusion of digital and organic music production.

Sonic Murals offers original music production to those looking for limitless musical creativity.

We offer these beats online using unique monthly subscription packages, as well as a la carte pricing to help you enrich your music portfolio and audio projects.

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Meet the Sonic MuralsTeam

Meet the
Sonic Murals Team

The Producer

Mike Moore

Mike Moore’s Productions resemble the sound of R&B chords drizzled over those old school drums that crash into your chest. This Lil Drummaboy Manager/Producer/ Engineer has a signature, soulful sound that paints pictures like a Spike Lee movie soundtrack. His music will guide you through a day in his hometown on days that rain or shine. Though his beats are full of life and sound, he still manages to create that perfect space for the artist to tell their own stories.

The Sensei

Samori Coles

After spending the last 20+ years nurturing Lil’ Drummaboy Recordings in Philadelphia, the self-taught producer/engineer is a master of musicianship and
traditional theory. Native to Omaha, Nebraska, Samori flavors his tunes with live drums, bass and guitars that provide an authentic sound that feels like coming home.

Long tooth

Shea Sullivan

This mellow and laid-back cat will bring you into his alternative pop-soul universe with his groovy hip-hop and R&B vibes. A Jersey native and Lil’ Drummaboy Recordings audio engineering and music production school graduate, Shea is a music connoisseur with a great depth of knowledge in numerous genres. His sounds are like his personality; they are laid-back, good natured, with a universal vibe.


The Koala

Whether it’s on the guitar, bass or keyboard, melody is where this young man shines. A young producer and musician, Ned the Koala is a buzzing young talent whose beats reflect a natural gift, inspiring the artist to write your truth in a song. His versatile sound provides a track for any mood, theme or feeling.

“Just watch how lil bro do it.” 

Whether you are looking for inspiration or just want to extend your presence and fan base, we are here to bridge the gap between producers and sound designers. Artists are able to achieve the sound that they have been looking for at affordable prices; while music creators can optimize their creativity and transform their musical creations.

The Sonic Murals camp understands that you need to bring distinction to your music to keep your fanbase invested. Therefore, we provide you with a large and ever-growing library of beats and instrumentals with diverse sounds that will allow
you to compete with some of the greatest artists around the world.

We have focused on creating a highly creative and helpful platform where diverse genres are available, where our customers and subscribers are able to enrich their musical aspirations. Whether you are looking for beats are for podcasts, albums, videos or commercial use, Sonic Murals offers readily available beats for browsing and purchasing when you’re ready. 

Our priorities are focused on enhancing the creativity, efficiency, and uniqueness of music enthusiasts. Our manifesto encapsulates passion to support music producers and artists; and help them realize their dreams by offering them a success launch pad. To meet the contemporary music industry’s challenges, we continue to enhance our collection of musical productions to ensure we have the
premium beats to suit a wide range of musical tastes. 

We look forward to inspiring you with incredible sounds that are transformative
and complementary to your musical and media creations.